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Monday, March 18, 2013

Reality Rally 2012 for Breast Cancer!

PLEASE, click here to donate! need to raise just $800.00)  100% will go to the Breast Cancer Resource Center "Michelle's Place."  (  They help those who can't afford the exams, treatments they so desperately need. 
Last year, I was fortunate to have gotten invited, for my 2nd time, to participate in the REALITY RALLY ( created by a fellow SURVIVOR Castaway, Mrs. Gillian Larsen (to the left & Kim Goodnough, Director of Michelle's Place, below) to help raise funds for "Michelle's Place." The 1st year I participated, I'm happy that Gillian took advantage of my Runway Modeling Expertise and so I was one of the "Experts" at one of the Rally Stops. Click here for fun images/video from the 2011 Reality Rally where, alongside 80+  fellow Reality Show participants, we helped raise $30,000. (

This past year, I got to participate as an actual "Runner" in the Rally and I'm sooo proud to say that my team and I came in 13th place out of 90 some teams!!! The Producers of this Rally aren't messin' around! They create, well, very creative! Rally stops-reminiscent of the SURVIVOR challenges! LOL It's PANDEMONIUM when we take off..cuz, well, us 'SURVIVORS' aren't messin' around either!-especially yours truly when it comes to raising awareness and money for breast cancer-a dreadful disease that has claimed the life of 3 dear friends.  Diedra Auci Bradshaw, Jenn Lyon &, in this past month, Karen Martinez-my dear friend fellow News Anchor (below). PLEASE, Click here to see why this cause is so near and dear to my heart:  I had so much fun running around the BEAUTIFUL city of Temecula, from Rally post to Rally post:  from Acting out a Shakespeare scene, to Zip-Lining to Gold Mining to  Salsa Dancing (I aced this one for my team-provin' I got the Venezuelan rhythm in me.. ja, ja, ja) to transporting a glass of water in a race...look at my face folks...I told y'all I wasn't messin' around! LOL After the seriously fun Rally was over, it was time for some socializing. We got to meet fans. Here  I am with one of my favorite fans whom I met at another Reality Charity event that I do to help raise funds for a No-Kill Animal Shelter ( Hours before the Rally, we do a "Meet & Greet" where we get to, well, meet fans, but also catch up w/each other. Here I am showin' some love to a couple of my favorite friends, my fellow Latina and ONLY 2X Winner of SURVIVOR, la Boricua, Sandra Diaz Twine and with my fellow SURVIVOR FIJI Ravu Tribemate, AnthonyRobinson I also met participants from other Reality Shows like "Amazing Race 20" Sisters, Misa and Maiya (below) Here I am w/fellow SURIVVORS, Bob Crowley (winner Survivor Gabon), Christa Hastie Waydo (Survivor Pearl Islands) vying for the OLYMPIC TORCH!  From the looks of us,  I think we thought it was the Immunity Idol! LOL.  This is a weekend full of events! At another "Meet & Greet" I got to meet a special Animal Friend, the "Harley" doggie. I LOVE dogs, can you tell?   The last night, the Red Carpet was rolled out. Here I am sharing a moment with my friend, THE Original one and only 1st WINNER of SURVIVOR and also a participant of THE APPRENTICE, Richard Hatch:  and the charismatic and very fashionable Lawon Exum of Big Brother 13 

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