Monday, December 21, 2009

Animal Friends Jo Jo Couture Fashion Show!

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend, the beautiful and talented Makeup Artist/Image Consultant, Starley Murray invited me model alongside the real model for the day, a doggie up for adoption! I was so THRILLED to be a part of this event. My daughter is a HUGE Animal Lover/Activist at the ripe age of 9. I've always been a lover of doggies, but I have learned so much from my little girls general love of ALL animals. She is truly amazing. I'm soo happy to have had my kids at this event. The photos, in fact, were all taken my by son! At the end of the event, my little girl, her cousin and a friend had gotten the information from the Shelter who provided the doggies for this event, Animal Friends (210)415-7035. The following Sunday, she and her friends contacted the shelter and went to volunteer all day! As if that wasn't enough to make me feel the proudest mommie in the world, my daughter, proceeded, on her own to make a Poster with images which she got from the animal Shelter website ( of some of the dogs at this shelter and she collected a total of $300.00!! of donations for the shelter! Truly Amazing and I feel so blessed to have been able to help her with this natural desire to help animals that she was born with. Participating in this event was a perfect example of how helping just a little bit, can have a ripple effect! Since last year, I've been wanting so badly to become a "face" for the Own Up SA campaign, especially after a very unfair situation that I just went throught with one animal shelter in this city, Animal Care Services. I'm working to, hopefully, give a voice to the doggies at ACS who I suspect aren't being treated with the kindness they are supposed to be. Mine was a victim of the unfairness and neglicence at ACS. Thankfully, there are other shelters in San Antonio that are dedicated to "No Kill" policies, Animal Friends is one such shelter. I hope that Own UP allows me to help them with their cause to turn all San Antonio Animal Shelters into No Kill Shelters.
Here's the very fashionable "Farley"..

Here I am bonding with Farley's need to hydrate..took my back to my Survivor Fiji days of dehydration! I was paired up w/the perfect

One last one of Farley modeling down the Red Carpet..sorry, my son cut my head off:( No worries, cuz Farley's the star here:)

Monday, December 7, 2009

with the San Antonio Roses cheerleaders

Here I am at an event with the San Antonio Roses cheerleaders. Beautiful young girls that are always so very sweet to me whenever we run into each other at events. Cynthia Trinidad has done an AMAZING job of working with these girls and giving them a venue to develop their self esteem and a tool to acheive many goals.

Co-Auctioneer for Cystic Fibrosis "65 Roses Gala" 09

Mr. Hugh Farr once again gave me the priviledge of putting my grain of sand to help the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation by asking me to Co-Auctioneer at the "65 Roses Gala," held at the Riverwalk Westin Hotel in San Antonio. It was an uber elegant evening with attendees from all walks of San Antonio life, including my friends, Mayor Castro and his brother, Councilman Joaquin Castro. I had so much fun Co-Auctioneering (see video below). Dr. Maust was so generous to share the podium with me. I got a chance to practice my French and Italian as some of the items were French and Italian wines! I believe we raised a respectable amount in spite of this very difficult economy. Here are some images and you can find a beautiful slide on:
As always, I feel very blessed to be given opporutinites like this to help others. Here I am w/Jolissa (Top Knotch Productions), Hugh Farr (Dir.Lonestar CFF Chapter) and Steven (Top Knotch Productions). I am, of course, wearing one of my brother's, Nick Verreos (NIKOLAKI) designs.