Saturday, April 23, 2011

Runway Fashion Expert at the Temecula Reality Rally for Breast Cancer, 2011!

THANK YOU to my fellow CBS SURVIVOR Castaway, Gillian Larsen, for inviting me to be a part of this and help give my grain of sand to "Michelle's Place," a very special Breast Cancer Resource Center.  A few of us arrived the night before the event and gathered for dinner at the Pechanga Casino and Resort. Here I am w/fellow Reality Show gals:

Below,an Autograph signing where I got to sit next to my SURVIVOR FIJI  "Ravu" Tribe-member and Fan Favorite, Yau-Man to my left and, to my right, Godwin Cho, of the "Cho Brothers" Amazing Race Teams! 
Click on the purple link , forward to minute 2:56 to see a little bit of my participation. I'm sorry they cut out the part of me showin' them how to work the runway walk! Reality Nation At The Reality Rally!  Here I am showing the Organizer of this event,Gillian Larsen & another fellow SURVIVOR Castway, the stunning Laura Morrett , how to strike a pose.

  To the left, a quick intro to the "Fashion Challenge" that I was in charge of ,as the "Runway/Fashion Expert" guiding Rally tea(below)ms to put together outfits picked out for them, to be approved by me...and then, the challenge...workin' the Runway....and making sure I don't vote them off..LOL.  If they got Ms. Rita's seal of approval, then they had immunity in the Rally...LOL

Erwin & Godwin Cho(Amazing Race, 10),Todd Herzog (Winner, Survivor China) & a fellow friend of the organizer, Gillian Larsen and mine, Lance Zeno)
I ,  Above, "Say What Sports" wanted me to "Get My Smack On"  ....and then some!  Below,  Giving a "Bark" out to  "Bark Buckcle UP! an organization that encourages you to buckle up your doggie when you take him in your car for a ride:) I found a way to incorporate my doggie into this video even from miles away!That evening, we were transported to a gorgeous Temecula Winery, Wilson Creek, complete with Hot Air Balloon Ride! Here I am with my "twin" Julie Berry..She has NO idea the pressure   I felt being compared to her!!  An accomplished SURVIVOR Castaway herself, she was also Jeff Probst's girlfriend of several years.  Below a shot of about 1/3 of the group that participated in the "Temecula Reality Rally."  If you're a Reality Show fan, you may recognize a few of the people in the photo. For example, sporting his signature bow-tie look, Mr. Bob Crowley, Winner of SURVIVOR Gabon. It took me awhile to place the man lying in front of everyone..besides being an "Amazing Race" participant w/his brother, Mark Munoz is the Jockey who rode the horse in the movie SECRETARIAT:)
Jodi Winceski (The Amazing Race,14)  & I, ready to board the Hot Air Balloon! 

Arriving at the Red Carpet for the Final Evening's Wrap Party at Temeku Hills Country Club. I'm wearing one of my brother's, NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos & David Paul, Vintage designs:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TV Spokesperson, World Car Hyundai

Several of my World Car Hyundai commercials, running on UNIVISION & Telefutura, San Antonio, TX.  Tune in on weekends to see the 1/2 hour infomercials w/my Co Host, Raulito Navaira and the English version, on WOAI.