Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reality Rescue Festival in VA!

Me & my  GORGEOUS roommate, Jen Nicole (Amazing Race)
My daughter's a HUGE Animal Lover. I credit her 4 getting me started in helping No Kill Animal Shelters:(http://ritaverreos.blogspot.com/search?q=Animal+Friends )  So, last year, when I was asked by one of the Best SURVIVOR fans, Ms. April Muehler, to be a part of the Reality Rescue Festival (http://www.realityrescuefestival.com/) I was THRILLED! April gathered 80 Reality Show participants for the event which was, I have to say, one of the EASIEST I've been invited to participate in. I've been a part of "Survivor" Charity events having us do everything from playing a new sport called "Ice Hockey" (http://ritaverreos.blogspot.com/search?q=My+introduction+to+the+charitable+side+of+being+a+survivor) to dodgeball to kickball (http://ritaverreos.blogspot.com/search?q=Andre+Gurode) to softball to Fashion Runway Marathons (http://ritaverreos.blogspot.com/search?q=Temecula+Reality+Rally). This one has us doing something much easier, Wine Tasting! To no one's suprise, it was a HUGE success! LOL Here are some images from that weekend, almost a year ago! In fact, I'm getting ready to go once again this year:)  That's what reminded me that I still hadn't posted these images. Ever since my participication on SURVIVOR, I've been on an AMAZING non-stop journey, keeping me happily busy.  Thank you, God, for blessing me continuously with such fun ways to help others.

Sandy, the famous AND infamous Richard Hatch &Me arriving @ our hotel in VA.
A special hug for one of the most special and true blue SURVIVOR fans & dear friend to all of us, Darrell Wolcott.

On our way to the Autograph Signing at the winery w/Jen Nicole and Hayden Moss (Winner, Big Brother 12)

Sugar(SURVIVOR Gabon & SURVIVOR Heroes vs. Villains), Mindy Hall (Rock of Love Bus & "I Love of  Money"), Me and Jen Nicole

At the Autograph signing

Forever championing the Breast Cancer Cause.  Promoting sales of the "Stike a Pose" Celebrity Calendar that I was so fortunate to be a part of..that's my page:) all in memory of my friends, Diedra Auci Bradshaw and our my fellow SURVIVOR Castway, Jenn Lyon.

Part of the Reality Rescue Group...cleaned up and ready to have some fun !
With Dre, from my season of SURVIVOR FIJI. We weren't on the same tribe so I barely met him when we were on the island. This was our 1st time seeing each other since being on the show 3 years back!

"put your hand up in the air, put your hand up in the air!" Dancin' with one of the best dancers,  my fellow SURVIVOR FIJI Ravu Tribe member, Anthony Robinson.

Last but not least, with the organizer of this AMAZING event, Ms.April Mueller. We love you April!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Special Salute for a 3 Star General @ Market Square

Miss Bexar County 2011 (a girl I Coached for Miss Texas USA),  3 Star General Ricardo Sanchez and TTW Magazine Editor at Large, Cathy Cardenas
Cathy Cardenas, ESPN Austin DJ-Stephen Foster

Monica Dolph, Robert Romo (WALMART director & Pres. of SA Sports Assoc.),Dr. Cardenas, "Longhorn" Gene
This was a wonderful event commemorating 2 very special men of Latino decent, Dr. Cardenas and 3 Star General Ricardo Sanchez. It was a privilege to be invited to Present these outstanding Gentlemen with Awards from the San Antonio Sports Organization, recognizing their stellar achievements that day.  Thank you to my dear friend and Co-Host of Longhorn Live Radio,"Longhorn Gene,"  for making me a part of  presentation.