Monday, July 16, 2012

Motivational Speaker for the "Run the World" Camp, 2012

At a recent Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas event I met Mr. Luis de la Garza, President and CEO of Texen Power. He overheard me giving some motivational advice to one of the Girl Scouts.  A few days later I received an email from him recommending me and asking me if I could be a Speaker at an event that Ms. Clarisa Medina, another Girl Scout, had organized at Jefferson High School in San Antonio, Texas, as part of a Camp, "Run the World," that she established.  I was honored! I arrived to find one of the most ambitious, far beyond her years, young girl that I've met in a very long time. Clarisa wowed me with the big group of girls that she has that were my audience that day.  They were so well behaved and attentive, absorbing every word of my one-hour talk! I'm pictured above, afterwards, doing an autograph signing for these special girls. By the way, Clarisa was recently awarded the first ever "Bill Gates Millenium Scholarship" to the college of her choice. I knew this small, young girl was up to big things!! CONGRATULATIONS, Clarisa.  To see other wonderful Girl Scouts events that I've had the pleasure/Honor of attending like the "Gamma Sigme Investiture Ceremonies" and being a Guest Speaker on a "Healthy Body Images" in the Media Panel, please, click here: (