Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's all about Latin Music! From Red Carpet Correspondant to Emcee

Several months ago, I was happy to have gotten asked to be a Red Carpet Correspondant for Marvelez Productions ( the Salsa Music and Dance Congress held at the fabulous Grand Hyatt in downtown San Antonio, TX.  It was an all day, all night, all weekend affair...usually that's how we Latino's roll! Life is too short, you have to enjoy it, live it to the fullest and live it to the fullest they did! I interviewed the best of the best in Salsa Dancers from all over the US, Central and South America.  I felt particularly excited and proud to meet my fellow Venezuelans pictured here with me. I know we have the Salsa rhythm in our blood! Viva Venezuela mi patria querida! It's also always wonderful to run into my friend, the Talented Ray Colao (below) his band is one of my favorites, please: "like" him on Facebook: (

Last, but NOT least, the main attraction of the Salsa Congress, meeting a name in his own right, following closely the footsteps of his legendary father, Tito Puente (to my left, below)  During the interview, I mentioned his "sister" the beautiful Sheila E.-because I'm a big fan of hers.  Little did I know that I'd get to interview her a few months later! (Read below:)   Special thanks to @Julio Velez, to my left, for asking me to be the Red Carpet Correspondant at this wonderful event. Also to @Wayne Zamora, Owner of Latin Connection Magazine, for recommending me to Mr. Velez. Please, click here if you want to see some past Latin Connection Magazine covers that I'm so Honored and Blessed to have been featured in  (

CELEBRATING more Latin music, Last November, I was very happy to  Emcee one of Main Plaza Conservancy's funnest events: The Texas Latin Music Festival! Once again, as it is with us Latinos:)  It was an ALL day affair, filled with the most talented singers, musicians, artists while the audience delected in the tastiest food & drinks throughout the afternoon on thru midnight!  The crowd slowly started arriving at noon and the Main Plaza filled up as the afternoon wore on to near full capacity crowd at midnight.  Those who attended enjoyed the lineup of a wondeful varierty of music-so characteristic, I feel, of the variety that the city of San Antonio, in general, has to offer.   Please, enjoy the images and videos:  

A visit from this representative of the Indian community in San Antonio

What a treat to meet the Beautiful and Talented Patricia Vonne. I LOVED her unique style of music so much, I approached her to feature her music as soundtrack for  a movie that I'm acting in and Co-Producing called "Jimmy and Mia." Little did I know Patricia is a veteran of the movie world. Her brother is none other than the movie director, Robert Rodriguez!  To see previews of the movie I'm working on, please, visit our website: and "like" us on Facebook:  Thank you!

It's always wonderful to run into friends I've made throughout my career on television and Emceeing events.  I was so happy to see the classy Carlito Miranda, Chris Perez' Manager, whom I had met a couple of months earlier when I Hosted a special "Meet and Greet" book signing to promote Chris's book: To Selena, With Love at Wonderland Mall, San Antonio, TX. Here I am interviewing Chris at the 1st Annual @PEOPLE en Espanol Magazine festival held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in September 2012.  I also had the Honor and, am not gonna lie, was a bit Star-Struck when I got to meet and interview the SUPER Talented and ever glamorous, Ms. Sheila E!    For even more images of the Latino Music Festival, please, visit: ( )  Special thanks to @Jane Pauley-Flores for asking me to Emcee the Plaza Conservancy's 2012 Latino Music Festival.