Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SA Art & Jazz Festival's 1st Queen! Once Queen, ALWAYS a Queen:)

Competing as Miss Venezuela in an International Pageant in Ecuador in 1989
 During rehearsal in Machala, Ecuardor, 1989. (#missvenezuela)

24 years later!!
With the Pinatas from the Barrio group
Some of you may know that many years ago, I was a Miss Venezuela contestant/finalist -above photo:) 
(#missvenezuela) I'm very grateful & Honored to have been recently named a different kind of Queen..the 1st Queen of the SA Summer Arts and Jazz Festival!  It's an Honor because it's the second time that I'm named Queen of a FIESTA event.  The 1st was in 2007, I was named the 1st Queen of the SA Youth's Chips and Salsa Fundraiser alongside my King, the current Mayor of San Antonio,  Julian Castro. This position has taken me back to my Miss Venezuela days where we had to make many appearances.  I'm having a wonderful time going to many Fiesta events such as the "Cavaliers Parade"

With my fellow King, the owner of the San Antonio Summer Arts & Jazz festival, the classy,  Mr. Anthony Tobias

My friend Ray's Band, Colao!

It's always wonderful to run into fellow TV Host, Shelly Miles. A few days later, they were kind to have us on her show "San Antonio Living" Click here, please to view our fun interview promoting the Festival: http://www.woai.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoId=4031974&navCatId=20501 
While at WOAI, we met the famous 90's group, Smashbox. It's such a small world that one of the members of the band told me he was friends with one of my SURVIVOR "family," Lex Vanderbherg (SURVIVOR Nicaragua & All Stars)
Here we are with Albert Flores, WOAI Meteorologist and, btw, a fantastic Video Producer/Editor. He produced one of my Bi-Lingual TV host Demo Reels..helped me land a job on the international network UTILISIMA. Please, click here to see my segments as "Beauty Tips/Fashion Expert."  http://ritaverreos.blogspot.com/search?q=utilisima

and the "Rey Feo Gala Dinner"

With District Attorney, Susan Reed

With fellow Reality Star from Operacion Voz, Erika Gonzaba

With my dear friend and the Rey Feo of this year's FIESTA,  Larry Benson

San Antonian's know how to party. Check out this view of the dance floor.  Everyone doin' the "Shuffle!"
A sweet fan of my World Car tv commercials!

Striking a pose with my beautiful friend, inside out, Margo Uriegas of the "Pinatas in the Barrio" group

We also got to meet  to meet some of the Flambeau Float participants like the super sweet Miss Cibolo-below.

 and the TV appearances keep coming, thanks to my good friends and former tv family at Kens 5, specifically, Kinya Cano-Executive Producer of the show pictured below-2nd from left: 
(#greatdaysa,#kens5) where I began my television career, thanks to the GM Bob McGann who gave me the opportunity as HEB Plus! TV Spokesperson on Great Day SA. Click here to see those funclips!:
and here's a link to our recent appearance on "Great Day SA!"http://www.kens5.com/great-day-sa/The-Sweetest-Serenade-208885231.html
 This is a wonderful event that will take place at the end of the month of May.  Last year,  I had the pleasure of being a Co-Emcee of this festival alonside the talented comedian, my friend Cleto Rodriguez.  Here were are, below,  bustin' a merengue move backstage:) (#sanantoniojazzfestival,#beautyqueen)
PLEASE, come and have yourself a wonderful time at the SA Summer Arts and Jazz festival.  Hope to see you there!  Click here for more information:  http://www.sasjazzfest.com