Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dancing with my friends from SA Disabled Athletes Association at Morgan's Wonderland

This past Valentines Day, my Valentine was out of town. God is so good to me that I ended up with not one, but many Valentienes as I decided to join my sweet friend, Melissa Cheatwood and her sweetheart  as well as some of my other friends from MOSAIC Charity ( at the "Valentine's Day" Dance hosted by my dear friend, Mr. Gordon Hartman, at the "Morgan's Wonderland" Auditorium.  MOSAIC, btw, is endorsing the film that my fiance and I are acting in and Producing, "Jimmy and Mia,"  A love story of two adults with special needs.
I leave you with some images which reflect how much fun we all had.  Special thanks to Michael, Melissa's boyfriend, for allowing me to dance with her.
Michael and Melissa

Me and my friend from MOSAIC of Southwest Texas

Giving and gettin' some "sugar" from sweet Melissa!

Our "Prom" Valetine's Day photo-they're so sweet they wanted me to be a part of it! Just as I told you above,  God ended up Blessing me w/wonderful Valentine's after all:)

Me and my friend, Jimmy.

Time to "get up" and "get down" on the dance floor!  You don't have to tell me twice to go dancing!

With Morgan and her father, my dear friend,  Gordon Hartman. Founder and owner of the only Amusement Park in the world that accommodates EVERYONE, included people with special needs. Click here for more information about MORGANS WONDERLAND Amusement park:

Here's a recent interview that I did with Gordon Hartman for my TV show LATIN CONNECTION TV.

Friday, August 2, 2013


My relationship with "LATIN CONNECTION" started several years ago when a dear friend, Mr. Eugene Williams, introduced me to the Editor of an online magazine called Latin Conneciton Magazine, Mr. Wayne Zamora.  I had just participated in the CBS Reality Show, SURVIVOR FIJI and they wanted to do a cover article about my experience.   A few years later,  Mr. Zamora contacted me again with the wonderful news that they wanted to do another Cover Article on Latin Connection Magazine. This time of my work/achievements as Beauty Pageant Coach.  This made me the ONLY 2X Cover Girl for Latin Connection Magazine!  I then started as a "Journalist/Correspondant" for the Magazine, writing articles of special events.  Please, click here to see the Cover Articles as well an an example of one of the articles/features I wrote about the "Army Bowl":
Seeing the success of the online magazine, a reach of over 40,000 I suggested we produce an "Entertainment News TV"  version of Latin Connection Magazine, thus LATIN CONNECTION TV was born.  I'm very Blessed that my Fiance, Mr. Carl Mergenthaler, happens to be in the Entertainment Industry as well.  Stay tuned to Latin Connection TV for more about  "Jimmy and Mia!"
We're currently Co-Producing and Acting in a movie called "Jimmy and Mia."  Take a look at our sizzle reel and click "like" on our fb page:

For now, please, click on the following links for the most recent and past segments of LATIN CONNECTION TV: 

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With Nick Verreos of PROJECT RUNWAY Season 2:

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and even Sports coverage! With Esteban Bayona, one of the SCORPIONS Soccer Team players:


With Mayor Julian Castro at the PEOPLE en Espanol Press Conference


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Coaching another "Top 3" Beauty Pageant Winner!

 I'm so happy to have gotten a chance to Coach a very pretty and sweet girl for the National American Miss Pageant.  I've been in a Judge in this pageant, about 6 years ago and I have to tell you, I don't know which is harder, competing or judging!!  The level of professionalism of this system reminds me very much of the demanding Miss Venezuela organization. They expect very prepared contestants and that's just what they got in the contestant that came to me for Coaching:)(#beautypageantcoach,#ritaverreos)
 I'm grateful that her equally beautiful mother, Julie, entrusted me with Coaching Emily.  We worked for about a month, during which time I applied my tried "Ms.Rita" techniques that I got from receiving the training I went through, in my day, when I was a Miss Venezuela(#missvenezuela,#missmunicipiovargas) contestant.  Here we are, days before the show, making sure her pose(below) and gown were just right!

After lots of very fun work, Emily did an amazing job and came out with a Top 3 win!  CONGRATULATIONS, Emily and family. I'm so very proud of you. I remember during our first session, her mom said to me, we'll be happy if we make it into the Top 15. With over 103 contestants, I can see why they would have been happy with that result. Not good enough for me!  Top 3's much more to Ms. Rita's liking:))
Another Top 3 Winner! Emily Smith, National American Miss 2013, 3rd Runner Up.

Happy family!

Backstage, in her very professional suit minutes before her interview competition!
For more information re/the National American Miss Pageant (#nationalamericanmiss), please, click here: