Thursday, September 12, 2013

Emcee for "DAISY CARES" Charity Animal Friends Foundation 5K Marathon, 2013

This past weekDAISY CARES Foundation (  Huge THANK YOU to my friend, #Tracy Jaso for recommending me to Emcee this.  It was all about risin' & shinin' on this beautiful Saturday morning & heading out to the starting line.  Are you Ready?  then Get Set? and Gooooo check out these fun images!
I Emceed, without a doubt, the CUTEST event I've EVER Emceed:  The #Daisy Cares 5K Marathon Run/Walk. Held at Alamo Heights Swimming Pool this past weekend.

Dayna Robokoswki, the Organizer of this WONDERFUL event w/a photo of  Daisy-the inspiration behind this organization

The event came with a Costume Contest..this is the part that made this the CUTEST event I've EVERRR.  Roxane Deluna's doggie had one of my favorite costumes...

Ms. "60's"  Peace Child! LOVE the long auburn hair wig!

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I'm, first and foremost about Family.  Coming in at a close second, no pun intended:) is COMEDY so, here I am "on my marks, getting ready (in heels:) and, here's where my "Miss Venezuela" training comes handy-posin' like I'm about to "Goooo!"  ha, ha, ha...

Or...was I really posing?  I guess y'all will have to attend next year to find out:)

and here we have one of our runners cooling off after her run:)

Here's my pick for the "human" winners of the 60's inspired theme Costumer Contest

"Super Doggie"-one of my Top 3 picks..what do you think?

And the Winner Is.....also my pick, Yay!  The Jockeys:)  I knew I was good at Judging Beauty Pageants, but who knew I had an eye for Judging Doggie Best Costume Contests?