Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Bustin' a move" with my friends with Special Needs at the Morgan's Wonderland Charity Christmas Dance Party

One of the highlights of my year is the Christmas party at Morgan's Wonderland.  For the past several years, I've been so Blessed to attend this fun event thanks to a friendship I've made these past several years.  One, in particular, an exceptional girl & athlete, Melissa Cheatwood (below) Melissa's quite a basketball player who belongs to the SA Association for Disabled Athletes.  Her and her mother, Julie, are so very sweet to invite me year after year to the Morgan's Wonderland Christmas party. This year, I invited a friend whose daughter with Special Needs, unfortunately, passed away last year, #Yolanda Ayala.
  You can see for yourselves how much fun we had with my beautiful and sweet friend Melissa.  We also made many new friends like adorable Shealynn Hoelscher who, like me, LOVES to dance!

with my sweet and pretty Melissa and Yolanda

Making new friends, the dapper Gabriel Felan and his beautiful mother

 Here I am with my friend and owner of "Morgan's Wonderland" and his pretty daughter, Morgan. I just love seeing Morgan because she always greets me with that sincere smile that radiates so much love and infects everyone around her with the love of life that she has.

I mentioned I enjoy dancing...well, I lied...I REALLY enjoy dancing. Here I am dancing with some of my new friends. A very sweet couple who shared with me that they're recently engaged! Reminded me so much of the feature film that my fiancĂ© and I are Co-Producing and Acting in: "Jimmy and Mia" that is about an adult couple with special needs that falls in love.  Please, click here to take a look and, please, "like" our fb page! :www.facebook.com/jimmyandmia
Check out this guy and me giving Michael Jackson a run for his money!! Well, he's definitely giving Michael Jackson some competition..don't know so much about me...I think I need to stick to my ballet and Salsa dancing! LOLYolanda and I had a really nice time dancing with this sweet young lady. She was having such a wonderful time dancing by herself...it was contagious to watch her so we decided to join her! (#morganswonderland,#gordonhartman,#specialneeds,#ritaverreos,#survivorfiji,#tvpersonality,#coproducer,#jimmyandmiafilm,#carlmergenthaler,#actor)

THANK you, Gordon Hartman for, once again, another successful and super fun Christmas party. Mot of all, thank you for everything you do to further the inclusion of wonderful people who have so much happiness and love to give to the world.....I think the photos and videos above are, as they say, worth a thousand words! 
Please, click here to see images from my past Morgan's Wonderland events:  http://ritaverreos.blogspot.com/search?q=SA+Disabled+AthletesI just couldn't get enough of this talented "Michael Jackson" dancer... I hope you enjoy watching him as much I enjoyed dancing alongside him! 
My fiancĂ© and I are Acting in and Co-Producing a wonderful movie that he wrote that tells the love story of 2 Adults with Special Needs.  It's called "Jimmy and Mia." Please, click here to take a look at the trailer for the film which is currently in Pre-production. We're in the process of procuring investors and some wonderful "name" actors for our film. If you're interested in helping us procure funds for "Jimmy and Mia," or know someone who might be interested in investing in a project like this one, please, send us a message on our Facebook "Jimmy and Mia" page: www.facebook.com/jimmyandmia