Sunday, September 7, 2014

Winning SURVIVOR and Reality Show OVERALL Fan Favorite !

I have always tried to show my gratitude for all those who showed me their support during and after my participation on the CBS Reality show, SURVIVOR Fiji.  It's hard to believe, but it's been 7 years since then  Last year,  the European SURVIVOR fan group REALITY EU asked me to send them a special hello! I was in middle of an event for PEOPLE en EspaƱol Magazine where I was doing Red Carpet interviews for the webshow I've been Hosting this past year, LATIN CONNECTION TV, but I took a moment to send them this greeting.
One of my motto's in life is "it takes so little to make someone happy!"  Then, they were SOOO sweet & thoughtful and made this video which touched me so deeply.  
Here's my response to them:

A year later,  I was beyond pleasantly surprised to wake up one morning to find my fb page with the announcement that I had won the European Reality fan group's,  2014 "Reality Show OVERALL Fan Favorite" Award!  My gratitude, I hope, is clear!  I will continue to be as accessible as  possible to all those who have shown me an continue to show me their unconditional support, admiration and love. Please know that it's entirely reciprocated! (#cbssurvivor,#survivorfiji,#ritaverreos,#fanfavorite,#survivorfanfavorite,#realityshowfanfavorite)