Friday, October 10, 2014

Red Carpet Correspondent at Eva Longoria's Casino Night to Benefit "Eva's Heroes" Charity 2013

With the Director of Eva's Heroes, Christianne Perkins Garcia
 Doing what I can to help foster awareness and funds for those with Special Needs is one of the causes I MOST champion.  I have been involved w/doing so for the past several years including attending my fellow Latina Actress & Producer, the beautiful & Talented Eva Longoria's EVA'S HEROES Casino Night Charity events, either as a "Celebrity" Guest or, in recent years, doing my work as a Red Carpet Correspondent: ,   Here's my candid Red Carpet Interviews for LATIN CONNECTION TV at last year's event, featuring interviews w/actresses from the Cast of Eva's Hit #Lifetimetv show, #DEVIOUSMAIDS and her on-screen hubby from #Desperatehousewives, Ricardo Chavira! 
 Eva's parents are the SWEETEST people, remind me so much of my own, Jim & Raquel:) They were among my 1st and biggest fans during my participation on the CBS Reality Show, #SurvivorFiji 
 As such, I was grateful and humbled to have gotten pulled aside, while doing my work on the Red Carpet, to be interviewed as a "Celebrity" at the event! I'm AMAZED and beyond grateful at the outpouring of continued admiration for my participation on SURVIVOR Fiji. It was w/o a doubt, 1 of the hardest things I've ever done, but so very, very worth it! If you scroll below this post, you'll see a very recent award that I was just given by the European SURVIVOR fans...SURVIVOR FAN FAVORITE & OVERALL Reality Show Fan Favorite 2014!   Back to the REAL stars (pun intended) of Eva's Heroes Casino Night, Eva's Sister, for whom Eva's Heroe's was founded, the sweet and very fashionable, Lisa and the "Boy of the Year," 
The event didn't let down, as usual. There were even water dancers!  Here I am w/Eva's mom and a dear friend a close family friend, Lettie Longoria & w/one of my dearest friends, my fellow Greek, Barbie Partalas who was my "date" for the event because my hubby who is usually doing double duty as Videographer and the most handsome date, was out of town:(   Nowadays, seem's nothing's complete w/o a group shot.  Here's one for you...Eva surrounded by the Vegas Style Showgirls. When Eva does something of her sister, she goes all out! When I say "all out" I mean with Penguins greeting you! Water dancers... Live Auction and Live Band! 

  To get the complete  "Celebrity" experience, I even got an autograph of one of the "Devious Maid's" Actresses, the very sweet & pretty Edy Ganem for one of my followers and friends, José Casteñeda:) 
I'm certain next year will have lots of surprises in store! For more information about Eva's Heroes programs and how you can get involved with helping the Special Needs Cause, please, click here: