Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rita's first time as Emcee

My hometown city of San Antonio was very excited about having the first ever person from here on SURVIVOR. As such, the minute I became "available" or as we know it better, was off the very strict "gag-order," I started getting wonderful invitations to do many things from, throwing the first pitch at a Missions baseball game..which, btw, when I practiced to do this with my son and his buddies, I was TERRIBLE. So bad that my little boy, came up with a last minute excuse not to attend the game :-(. His loss..I ended up throwing a nice pitch..right down the middle. I have to be honest, though, I did have a plan B and that's one I learned from my fabulous brother of Project Runway fame..and that was to wear a great outfit. I did have a video of this pitch, but my camcorder was lost on a recent trip to the happiest place on earth..Disneyland :-(. Anyhow, this image is for the very first event I was asked to Emcee locally. I have since become a member of their Advisory Board. It is one of the many causes that I have been helping in this past year.

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