Monday, December 8, 2008

My Brother's SEARS commercial!!

I write this with tears of happiness and pride for what my brother has achieved. The funny thing is, he was ALL that WAY before Project Runway. I will never forget when he called to tell us that he was being considered for the show. That day I got one of those chain emails about making a wish (I know..very a propos for the commercial you just viewed, right?), and I wished for my brother to be chosen for Project Runway. The very next day, while having lunch with our mom, Nick called to give us the good news. I was crying and screaming at a local restaurant, Aldino's, thank God the owner is a good friend. The rest, as they say, is history! A little side note: the sewing machine that my mom gave my brother, belonged to our beloved grandmother, whom we affectionately called "mamayita"...a word that when Nick was a little boy he made up. It is a combination of the word "Mama" and "abuelita." That perfect combination is what our grandmother, Rosina, was to us. Nick, btw, was her absolute favorite so I know she's definitely smiling and, if I know her, had a part in his success as her nickname for him was "Rey" or "King." For the longest time, I thought that was my brother's
My brother and I have always stuck together, as a team. I remember dreaming w/him of being the next Versace/Donatella of the fashion world. I'm thrilled that Nick made it all on his own, but he always includes me in his fashion shows and talks about my being one of his "muses," so, if you look closely enough, you'll see me in the commercial..I'm the model to the right of Nick as he takes a quick bow on the runway. See if you can spot me in the full version of the fashion show featured in the commercial, below. Everyone who knows me for the past 20 yrs. know that I ALWAYS wear my brother's gowns. In fact, see the Miss California photos below. The silver gown happens to be a "vintage" gown that was hand sewn by my brother almost 20 years ago!! As you can see, my brother is a genius! The green gown that I modelled in the video below, I wore to the Miss Universe pageant. There's a photo of me in that dress with my brother at the Miss Universe pageant in LA a couple of years ago.

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