Friday, January 23, 2009

Workin' the Runway!

My stylist, Hilda De Hoyos of DIVA Salon, asked me to model for her in this show held at the Bubble Room, in San Antonio. She is an AMAZING hair stylist and makeup artist who has been working with me for 4 years. She has done my hair and makeup for my events, for the TV show that I hosted on TELEMUNDO and would LOVE for her to do my hair and makeup when I do the Traffic Anchoring on the cbs morning news, Kens 5, but I'm nice enough to not make her wake up at 4am for that. That's where having gone through the Miss Venezuela Finishing School training comes in handy for me. Hilda is the BEST in town and I'm so blessed to have her! I also Emceed this event. I wish I had a video, but thanks to a great photographer, Scott Smith, I have this image of me working the runway in one of my favorite gowns designed by my talented brother, a Project Runway alumn, Nick. This gown is so amazing that when I wore it to the MIss Universe pageant a couple of years ago, some of the organizer's were reprimanding me telling me I needed to get backstage with the other contestants. They couldn't understand why I reacted hugging them to death and saying THANK YOU!!! (hello, I was 38 at the time...okay!!)

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