Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cigars, Cufflinks and Cognac at The Valencia Hotel 09

Last week, my "brother" Kyle was in town to do a first time event at The Hotel Valencia. He asked me if I could join him because he said my "celebrity" status would help him bring people to the booth where his AMAZING Skin Care products would be featured. I warned him that I was a "celebrity" in his eyes because, hello!! He's like my brother so OF COURSE he says stuff to make me feel Anyhow, turns out the event was a HUGE success. It was packed with people and I was very happy not to disappoint :-) At the event, I ran into a couple of very good friends that I admire very much, Mr. Eliot Garza, the Owner of NSIDE magazine..hey Eliot...where's my article !!..ha, ha..we'll get to it soon!!
Here I am with one of the BEST Fashion Writer's in the United States, Mr. Michael Quintanilla whom I can't thank enough for the SPICE Cover and fashion spread he did with me. I'm still getting positive feedback from that! You can find images of that if you input SPICE in Search in my blog:-)

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