Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Since my participation on SURVIVOR FIJI 07, I have been so very fortunate to be invited to attend so many events, both in and out of San Antonio. I am always EXTREMELY grateful to be included for it has not only led to more work opportunities for me on tv, but, more importantly, to making new friends such as Chris Canales (Grid Iron Heroes) and the NBA legend, Clyde "The Glide"'s a photo turned

Here I am with a dear friend/work colleague, Megan Alexander who is amazing now as a Correspondant for Inside Edition in NY. I know she worked very hard to get this opportunity and I'm so happy and proud of her. Megan was a fervent supporter of mine. While I was on SURVIVOR she reported on me weekly constantly prediciting me as a Top 3 Winner. I'm sorry Megan, it was so much harder out there than anyone can possibly image. In fact, on the current Survivor Tocantins, a soldier who had been to Afghanistan's body broke down and he was voted off sooner than I was. THAT, folks, is how hard it is on SURVIVOR! So, Megan and all of you who applauded my participitation on Survivor Fiji..Thank you so much! You have NO idea how what your support meant to me. I'm forever grateful to you for your weekly recaps and invitations to have me on as a guest on "Great Day SA." This is one event where I had to pinch myself, more than once, to make sure that I was really a part of this elite group of Sports legends. One of those times, was when Sean Elliott announced me. He says: "and now, we have a celebrity from one of the Top Reality Shows.." and I say to my girlfriend "Ooh, I wonder who's here?" and then I hear Sean say: "I hope I can pronounce all the r's in her name...and somethin' about eatin' bugs.." and then I knew he musta been talking about me. Again, a surreal moment for me to hear Sean Elliott saying my name, and may I say, Sean, you pronounced my name perfectly..probably thanks to your gorgeous wife, Claudia, helpin' you with your Spanish :) 5 years ago, I arrived in this city knowing no one and having nothing here so this was, indeed, a special moment for me. Here I am, again trying to get a photo & my camera was apparently stuck in "record" more...I'm tellin' u, I'm doin' my thing on TV no matter what it takes!lol
OK...just remember I'm not a videographer & therefore not responsible for the turning around of the video :( As my son would say "it's better than nothing!" :)
As if just being included as part of the "celebrities" attending and getting to walk the Red Carpet wasn't enough, when I arrive at the event, I'm told that one of the main sponsors had requested me at his table. What an honor it was for me to have been seated with Esq. Andrew Toscano and his LOVELY family. They made me feel like a superstar with their admiration of my "Survivor" status. I am so grateful to them for that, for allowing me to share in such a delicious dinner...and for the fact that their table was right up front!!! :) Here's a video I took of the ICEMAN as he reacted to all of his NBA colleagues Roasting him:
Before the dinner, we met up at the Fairmont Hotel...where I was greeted by the dashing Isaiah Stanback and Courtney Brown. (I'm wearing another Nick Verreos (NIKOLAKI) design). I have to add that I had a blast with these guys the night before, we all went to Posh Lounge "dancing". I saw that these guys have some seriously picky taste cuz they didn't dance with ANYONE. Thanks for the "Top Gun" jokes all night!! Here I am with the very elegant Dallas Cowboy, Courtney Brown, who, may I add, is quite the gentleman. Hey Courtney, thanks for finding out my "civil" status with "Maverick." LOL In my 5 years of living in San Antonio, going to Spurs games and even becoming friends with some of the Spurs, I had never gotten a chance to meet Coach Popovich. I was so happy to finally meet him

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