Thursday, May 21, 2009

The BEST Spa in San Antonio!

I am so happy to continue for a second year as the "Image/Spokesperson" for Stadia Med Spa. Owned by the Spurs Facial injury Dr. Jaime Garza, who is the BEST that San Antonio has to offer. Look at the website for EVERYTHING that this Spa offers: I have been using their laser hair removal faithfully for the past year and am BEYOND happy with the results. I recommed both technicians, April and Laura. Once in a while, I get some miraculous free time and pamper myself to a pedicure and manicure, Kim is AMAZING with those. Here I am with a fellow Reality Show participant, Haley Scarnato who looks wonderful and was very sweet to me as she always is when we run into each other here and there. She was getting ready to go to LA for the American Idol Finale, how exciting! Coincidentally, I couldn't attend this Season's Survivor Tocantins finale because I was attending a far better, much less gruelling event...this one!

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