Thursday, June 25, 2009

Autograph Signing for the Boys & Girls Club, 09

When my season of Survivor aired, I received an invitation to throw the first pitch for the local baseball team, The San Antonio Missions. Now, I've always been a super active mommie, constantly participating in playing sports with my very athletic son. I'd played baseball with my son and his friends many times so I thought, piece of cake! My son was very excited that his mommie was going to throw the first pitch so he rounded up a few of his buddied and out we went to practice. What I got was a broken garage door panel and the realization that I really sucked at pitching! lol. My little boy's excitement soon turned into the relizatoin that he might be embarrassed by his mommie so, to my disappointment, my son came up with some excuse not to go to the game. As it turns out, I did GREAT! I threw the pitch right down the middle. I did have a video of this, but the camcorder with this video was stolen at the Happiest place on earth, Disneyland:) From what I understand, the girl who was videotaping my pitch, Lisa Martin of Creative Civilization, told me the baseball players were whistling and saying things like "we don't really care how Rita pitches as long as she looks like that." Wow!! Actually, I admit, I was really nervous about not pitching well so I did have another "strategy" and that was, indeed, tryting to distract a bit weraing a cute Alrighty, this LONG story was the intro to how I got this invite to do an autograph signing at the Quarry Cinema in San Antonio. When I finished pitching, the Mission's mascot, The Ballapeno came running up to me with a photo of me on Survivor. Turns out I was so lucky, he was a huge fan of the show. Also, even luckier for me, Wesley (the Ballapeno), is a Mananger at the Quarry Cinema. He asked me to help him raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club of America. Of course I accepted! Here are some images from that day. I had so much fun especially because I was able to share the day with my daughter and her girlfriends. Afterwards, Wesley generously treated us to the movies. We saw the tearjerker...yes, I have officially turned into my mother!..UP.

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