Sunday, August 9, 2009

Conexion Magazine, May 09

On May 12th, this year, my mother's 75th bday wish was to go to a taping of her favorite TV show (next to Project Runway and SURVIVOR, of course!), The Price Is Right. So, off we went to LA..we had a trip from H---! Got one hour sleep and then went of to a was a very familiar, almost Post Traumatic familiar..ha, ha, CBS studios. That's where I was taken when "kidnapped" to become a Castaway on SURVIVOR. This time, however, I was way more relaxed because I was just gonna go and have fun w/my mother, as part of the audience....or so I thought. When that familiar "da, da, da, da...da, da, da, da..." that's my attempt at writing out the melody of the Price is Right theme song! Anyhow, that's playing when I hear the Announcer call out the first contestant: "What the heck?"....did he just say "Rita Verreos!" Yes, he did! OMG...I went crazy!! I couldn't believe it. Next thing I know, there I was, on Contestant's Row. After a couple of failed bids...ding, ding, ding, goes my little light confirming that I had won the pass on stage! I went completely ballistic on Drew. If you don't believe me...Search The Price Is Right and a clip that made it on TMZ!! will confirm just how passionate, Latin women can be! lol. I caused much more of an impression on The Price Is Right, than I did on SURVIVOR FIJI...oh yeah, I forgot, I had NO energy on Survivor due to the 15 days of dehydration and starvation. My excited reaction to winning some prizes caught the eye of "You Tube" and even a call from Inside Edition. Above is a small mention I gt this small mention in the local bilingual newspaper:)

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