Friday, January 22, 2010

One more Angel in the sky...remembering my fellow "Survivor," Jenn Lyon

Some are saying that an angel has fallen. On the contrary, I truly believe that one has risen. From the second I met her, like so many, my first reaction was: “Wow..this girl is STUNNING!,” Then Jenn opens her mouth and out comes the sweetest voice…the voice of an angel. Jenn is a blessing for anyone who got to know her or even see her image. Her spirit is so powerful, that it transcends and reaches you. The evening of her passing, I was coming home from picking up my little girl from her cathechism class. My daugher and I prayed every night for my 3 friends, Jenn Lyon, Ethan Zohn and Diedra Bradshaw (who, btw, has been fighting the exact same form of cancer that Jenn had). I was so hearthbroken about Jenn’s passing and I couldn’t find the right words to tell my little girl, who had grown to care about Jenn through our prayers. That was on my mind, when my little girl looked up at the sky and saw a cloud formation; “Mommie..look! That cloud is the shape of an angel!” I burst into tears because I knew that was Jenn!! That’s how powerful her spirit is:) and I told my little girl. She smiled and said “yes, mommie, that’s your friend letting you know that she’s ok:)” I took a photo of the angel cloud and will see if I can post it to share with all of you. I’m so happy to have been able to participate in several charity events with Jenn. She left me in AWE as I watched her win the SURVIVOR Houston challenge. What a tough cookie in this delicate Avatar:). She and I always spoke in Spanish. She knew I was from Venezuela and shared with me that she had spent a year in Spain. I know she did this as her way of connecting with me. She had a way of doing that with everyone that she came across. Jenn has achieved what we all aspire to, eternal life for she definitely left her mark on this earth. Tu viviras para siempre, amiga. Te amo, Jenn, eres un angel!

Posted by Rita Verreos | January 22, 2010, 10:14 am


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This is such a beautiful post. Jenn really did touch everyone she met. She was truly special. I spent a couple hours with her as we ran errands in NY one day and she really did show me what a fighter she was, and how she cared so much about other people.

Your story and what you said about an angel has risen is exactly how I felt.