Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guest Motivational Speaker, IADT 2010 (video)

left: Starley Murray (celebrity makeup artist and Emcee of this event)

I was recently very flattered and pleased to have been asked to form part of the Panelists at the International Academy of Design and Techonology. We were there to share our "stories" respectively and answer questions from students looking for careers in our fields. I take it as a tremendous honor and responsibility to help steer this young talent in the right direction and, hopefully, inspire them to go for it! One of my favorite quotes is from Seal "In a world full of people, only some want to fly..isn't that crazy!" I say be one of those who wants to fly..I know I do!
A very sweet introduction by the Emcee and me explaining how I feel one is rewarded when one makes the right, usually more difficult, choice.
"Everything Happens for a Reason!"
Sacrifices lead to more rewards: HSN!
Great Advice from the VP of the 2nd largest Talent Agency, ICM.
A son's approval..and a brother's dream,LOL.

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