Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mexican women in Mexico Fashion Show & Festival at Club Sonterra, April 2010

My dear friend, Cristina Shamaa asked me to please come by the Club Sonterra one afteroon and help a group of girls to learn how to work the runway! Cristina is like a sister to me so I'm so happy I was able to spend some time with the girls. I was very impressed, by the way, with the group they had put together. 40 girls! Nuestra Belleza Mexico watch out! The girls were very sweet and equally excited. I had very little time to work with them since the show was only a couple of days later! I was VERY impressed with how these girls "brought it!" to the runway at Club Sonterra, San Antonio, the day of the show! I was rewarded for my work with the girls with a special escort on the runway. Take a look! Special thanks to Cristina Shamaa and to the organizer of this wonderful fashion show, Lorena Ascencio.

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brendaporter said...

Rita, you are a wonderful mentor and friend and I am sure the girls will do great as a result of all you and Cristina have shown them. This even looks like fun! This is awesome!!!