Saturday, June 19, 2010

Andre Gurode's Celebrity Weekend in Dallas, April.2010

A couple of years ago, I was asked to participate in a "Celebrity" basketball game as part of a football camp that Priest Holmes (former Kansas City Chiefs), put together. Here I am with the beautiful and super sweet, Karina Smirnoff (Dancing with the Stars)
Slade Smiley (Desperate Housewives of OC) and Adrian Armante (Disney's Suite Life of Zach and Cody).
Through Mr. Rob and Liza Ortega I was introduced to Timothy Klund, Marketing Advisor to many NFL players. Fortunately, TK (as he's affectionately known) remembered me and it's through him that I was invited to go to Dallas to be part of a Dallas Cowboy's "Celebrity" weekend to raise funds for an abused children's foundations: The Promise House. The first evening, we attended a Casino Night.
Left: In the very fancy and HUGE limo they had for us, feeling exquisite, like a always feel when I wear a vintage NIKOLAKI (Nick Verreos..yes, my brother!) gown. Here's my friend, Tim(TK)and Chicago Bear Great, Lemuel Stinson
" Here I am ready to kick some kickball butt..LOL, with Actor, Prodcuer, Director and Writer, Hawthorne James. Some of you may recognize him as the Bus driver w/Sandra Bullock in Speed or may know him as "Big Red" from the "5 Heartbeats"
Dallas Cowboy Pro Bowl TE, Jason Witten.
Mr. Pre-game charmer, Martellus, all about wantin' to know if I was single. During the game,I found he was all about wantin' to "vote me off" hitting me with the kickball. Dallas Cowboy TE, Martellus Bennett, you would be GREAT on SURVIVOR..LOL.
Above, with the Founder of "The Promise House," and organizer of this event, Andre Gurode and?
When I arrived at the kickball game, I found out I was the ONLY female playing. Here I am, LUCKY me..surrounded by players from the current Dallas Cowboys team including Sam Hurd, who, btw, was a fellow "Celebrity Waiter" with me 3 years ago for the foundation that Brent and Erin Barry's help out the Kids Exchange. Sam is a class act.
One of my best childhood friends, Sara Elwood, lives in Dallas. I'm so happy she came out to be with me. Here we are with former NBA star, Mr.Ira Terrell (Phoenix Suns, New Orleans Jazz, Portland Trail Blazers and a very classy gentleman). The last morning, Andre held a brunch where I got to meet other football greats like the only player in NFL history to hold 5 Superbowl rings!, Mr. Charles Haley (SF 49ers..YAY!! I grew up in the Bay Area and still remember THE catch..Go Montana and Dwight Clark..that's what I'm talkin' about! Mr. Haley also played with the Dallas Cowboys)Here I am with another Dallas Cowboy great, Everson Walls.Last, but not least, I wan't to give a special thanks to 2 very classy and beautiful ladies, Ms. Sophia Parker (pictured here with me) and Ms. Chris Amos, who did an OUTSTANDING/IMPRESSIVE job with the Public Relations/Marketing of this event helping to make the Casino Night and Kickball Game turnout a big success!