Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Showing support for "Pressing On" Foundation..

One of my "guardian angels," Eugene Williams (Host of the Sports Talk Radio show, Longhorn Live) asked me attend this event. I'm friend's with Eddie and Chris Canales who are the Founders of the "Grid Iron Heroes" Foundation which helps, specifically, football players who have gotten spinal chord injuries as a result of their playing football. While attending Red McComb's 1st Annual Golf Tournament (also invited by Mr. Williams..see why I refer to him as my Guardian Angel?) to show my support of Mr. Mc Combs and his effort to help raise funds for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation (www.mccombstoyota.com)I met Ms. Keely Klein (Director of Management and Marketing) and Shelly Kirk (Executive Director) of "Pressing On" a foundation that also helps those with Spinal Chord injuries (www.pressingontexas.com). They were at the Red Mc Combs Golf Tournament to promote this event on Longhorn Live, which was broadcasting live that afternoon at Olympic Hills Golf Course). It was a nice event and I was surprised to get a special introduction on stage from the Emcee of the event that night at "Floore's Country Store," Mr. Jesse James of 100.3 fm. When I heard my name called out, I thought I was getting voted off again...I'm no traumatized or anything..LOL. Here's Country Music singer, Lee Brice, the headliner that night at "Floore's Contry Store." Here I am with Jesse James, Madeline Lozano and Eugene.

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