Sunday, June 13, 2010

SURVIVOR, Villains vs. Heroes Season Finale, NY April 2010

Fellow Latina, Sandra Diaz Twine wins SURVIVOR Villains vs. Heroes. Que viva Puerto Rico! I was so happy and fortunate to be able to attend this season's SURVIVOR Villains vs. Heroes finale. As it always is when I get together with my Survivor family, it's a fun time. Every night, we would meet up at some "in" bar or other in NY. Here we are the first night we arrived at "The Cellar" across the street from the very famous NY Fashion week, Bryant Park.

Here I am with "Coach"(Benjamin Wade)who was branded as a Villain, but showed his Heroic side this second time around.

To my left, undisputably, the BIGGEST Villain in SURVIVOR History, Russell Hantz, to my right, his brother, Willie.

Here I am with someone who, for a while, was making a career out of appearing on Mark Burnett Reality shows, “Boston Rob”.. of Rob and Amber who fell in love on SURVIVOR All Stars, then, got married, then, did the AMAZING RACE, then, did AMAZING RACE All Stars!

At "Pop Burger" (which is where the Finale for my Season of Survivor (Fiji) that I was on was held. Here I am w/the Survivor Samoa boys: Russell Hantz and John Fincher & Stephen Fishback.

Thanks to one of our fans, affectionately know to us as "Zig," we received an invite that, to me was a once in lifetime chance to go and watch the NY Yankees play in Yankee stadium. At the entrance of the new Yankee stadium while I wait for my Survivor peeps to arrive:). Here they are! From left to right, infamous for his lie about his "dead" grandmother, Jonny Fairplay, Stacy (Fiji), Russell (Villains vs. Heroes), Nicole (Pearl Islands), myself & Boo (Fiji).One of the highlights of the game...dancing the YMCA dance for Yankee Stadium to see..LOL.

This visit to Manhattan, wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of someone I have the privilege of calling friend, Sharif, who allowed me to stay in his beautiful Manhattan apartment. Sharif is also one of my bosses as he is the ultra talented designer of the exquisite handbags (Sharif designs, Mariposa )that I had the privilege of being a Spokesperson for on HSN. Here I am with him at the loft which is the showroom of SHARIF DESIGNS. Coincidentally, a fellow Survivor colleague, Brian Corridan, lives in an apartment building across the street!
Till the next SURVIVOR event..I bid you farewell in my Vintage Moschino leather shorts (I got them 20 yrs. ago at Macy's Union Square and more them when I sang back up vocals on Peter Gabriel's 1st South American tour!)

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Betsy Hijazi said...

Rita, what a great write up of your weekend! I love the photos and that you had such a great time! Thanks for sharing!!