Friday, July 2, 2010

"Success Starts Here," Meeting Edward James Olmos

Last month, I got a VERY last minute phone call from my favorite producer at UNIVISION, San Antonio, Roland Davila, asking me to do him a HUGE favor. It was 8am and he needed me in studio, camera ready, ASAP, because they had one of their biggest clients in the lobby ready to film promotional vignettes/segments for an upcoming event with Edward James Olmos. They suddently realized they didn't have a Host to conduct the vignettes. I'm all about helpign out my friends and Roland Davila, is my friend so off I went. I had a BLAST doing these segments which ran on UNIVISION for a couple of weeks leading to the event (I will post one as soon as I get a moment to upload it!). Often, I get people who sit there looking at me with that "you look familiar, but I can't figure out from where" look. When they build up the courage they always say...wait for it.... "you look familiar to me, bit I can't figure out from where?" LOL I don't know why, but I always feel awkward when people say that to me. I answer "well, you may have seen me from some work I do on tv. "What do you do?" When I get to SURVIVOR and World Car..before I can finish, I hear "that's where I know you!" One of the ladies that I was interviewing on the segment, Maria Cordoneda, turned out, was a really big Survivor fan! Thanks to that, she extended an invitation to me to attend the event with Edward James Olmos. See why I always say that Survivor, for me, is the gift that keeps on giving? When I arrived, I couldn't believe it, the Farmer's Insurance peple where so amazing to me, they treated me as if I were Mr. Olmos. I'm very grateful they were happy with my work. Here I am with Mr. Olmos who I also got to interview that night for a new tv show that I'm co-hosting, The After Party. The segment will be airing in a couple of weekends on Saturday at noon on Fox 11. Here's a part of Edward's presentation. Thank you God for making it easy for me to get ready soo quickly that morning so that I could run down to UNIVISION to do those segments! Look at the VIP seat I got! Thank you so much to the Farmer's Insurance people, in particular Maria Cordoneda for making me feel like a VIP. I even won an American Express gift card in the raffle! When the truth is they had no choice but to accept me as the Host of their vignettes because it was so last minute!!

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