Monday, September 27, 2010

Being a waiter at the Kids Exchange Dinner

This was my 3rd year being a "Celebrity" Waiter at the Kids Exchange Celebrity Waiter Dinner. I'm always so happy and honored to do it. I get to help an important cause because, unfortunately, so many kids get caught in the middle of their parent's divorces. Kids Exchange provides a safe haven/meeting point where children can be dropped off by one parent and then picked up by the other parent thereby avoiding any negative encounter between the parents. We have a blast serving all the attendees whose tips to us we then donate to the "Kids Exchange" foundation. It's always a special treat for me to get to see such beautiful women, inside and out, like Claudia Zapata and Erin Berry (both are wives to a couple beloved SPURS Champions, Sean Elliott and Brent Berry). In fact, the event is organized by Erin and her husband. Recently, thanks to Erin, we became fellow models in the 1st Annual Strike a Pose for Breast Cancer Calendar ( Here I am with SPURS Champion, Sean Elliott.

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