Monday, October 4, 2010

The 1st pitch at the Missions Baseball Game!

I was soo excited when I was asked to throw the 1st pitch at a San Antonio Missions Baseball Game...UNTIL...I started practicing with my son and his friends and realized I was TERRIBLE!! so bad that my son, last minute bailed and didn't come to see me in action. It was his loss cuz I ended up throwin' it right down the middle..all the way to the batter! Here I am in full winding pitch action! At the end of the game, the "Missions" mascot, the "Ballapeno" comes running towards me, full speed screaming "Rita! I love you Rita!" I thought I was either really hungry cuz I thought a HUGE Hot Dog with Jalapenos was telling me he loved me!, but as he got closer I saw he was carrying an 8 X 10 photo of me on SURVIVOR! Turns out the person inside the "Ballapeno" costume is a HUGE Survivor fan! I'm so lucky to have the most amazing fans. This one, in particular because, about a year later, he asked me to do an autograph signing to help raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club ( and I did another one not too long ago, thanks to him also, at Northwoods Cinema to helps raise funds for "Stars of Hope" Charities. Wesley has since moved to Los Angeles so it was my pleasure to thank him for asking me to help him with so many charities by inviting him to meet most of my SURVIVOR family when we were all gathered in LA for the 10th Anniversary CBS SURVIVOR Red Carpet Reunion. The look on Wesley's face when meeting so many "Survivors" all at once was priceless! I wanna give a special shout out to Earl (winner of my season, whom I wrongfully thought hated me and then SURPRISED me with one of the most beatiful words I've ever heard spoken of me as he picked up my torch on the very lst episode of our Season) and to Cristina Coria, for making yourselves available to sign autographs in Los Angeles to help Wesley continue his charitable work.

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