Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Emcee, San Antonio Roses & Warriors Cheerleaders Auditions!

After running into the SA Roses at several local events, we've become familiar with each other. The girls are WONDERFUL and I share a common goal with their Director, Mrs. Cynthia Trinidad, in Coaching & hopefully inspiring young girls to continue to better themeselves so they can achieve their dreams/goals, whatever they may be! I do so as the Stage Presence/Runway Modeling Coach for Miss California USA, Cynthia as the Director of the SA Roses & Warriors Cheerleaders. I also share being a (really)former beauty queen, I, Miss Venezuela finalist, 1988 and Cynthia was a not so former:) Mrs. San Antonio 2009. Seems we also share coming from 2 reknowned schools of training, I, from the world reknowned MIss Venezuela Organization that prepares us for the MIss Universe titles and Cynthia being a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, comes from the Dallas Cowboys School of training. ( I was VERY happy when she asked me to Emcee this year's auditions at Bally's 24 hr. Fitness Facility at The Quarry. When I arrived, over 50 girls who had been there since early that Sunday morning practicing, were ready for their chance! There was an impressive line-up of Judges including Spurs Broadcast announcer, Pablo Cruz and a former Spurs cheerleader. To the beat of of Taio Cruz' "Dynamite," these girls gave it their ALL. I was impressed with the variety of girls/women that came out. Kudos to ALL of them for the effort they put out. I have to say that after watching the choreography over and over aS they auditioned, even my son (who came w/me that day and is the videographer of the below video:) and I learned the choreography. In part of my closing, I gave them a speech about how winning isn't the important part. In my experience, simply getting out there has put me, with God's help always, at the right place at the right time. I introduced them to a dear friend that happened to be visiting me that weekend. She happens to be and a GREAT producer from AMS Productions in Austin, Ms. Kelly Kaelin. Who knows, Kelly might end up calling' one of the SA Roses, or all of them, for a future production!

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