Friday, February 18, 2011

Guest Speaker, Academy of Careers and Technology

A couple of months ago, a dear friend, Mr. Brad Mayhar, received a request from Principal Earl Bullock, to have me as a Motivational Speaker for the Academy of Careers & Technology on Bandera Road. I accepted immediately! The power of communicating never ceases to amaze me, which is I why I'm after a permanent position as a TV Host. A 2 part goal, one part, satisfies my very real responsibility of proving for my 2 children and the other, my spiritual desire to help God help others. This one, satisfied the latter, if only one person, in this case, child at a time. At the end of my "talk" 3 kids came up to me to tell me that hearing what I had to say, made an impact in them & inspired them to stay on the right track, focused on giving themselves the one thing that no one will ever be able to take away from them, the gift of enriching their minds. It was a special treat for me to run into one of my dearest Venezuelan friends, a teacher there, Ms. Alexandra Montemayor.

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