Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grid Iron Heroes goes Hollywood...or is it Hollywood goes San Antonio?

Friday Night Lights joined forces with the Spinal Chord Injury foundation, "Grid Iron Heroes," I've been so fortunate to receive an invite to attend the Hit TV show, Friday Night Lights Season Premieres.  Thanks, in large part to the blessing of having Chris Canales, the reason behind his father, Hero, Eddie Canales' (above) founding this amazing organization to help football athletes who received spinal chord injuries doing what they love to do most, play football.  Chris, I'm so blessed to have had as a supporter of my participation on SURVIVOR..a title better suited for him! I'm so grateful to him and his family for always making me a part of this exciting event. This year, doubly exciting for me because my son was my date! (below, arriving in style thanks to A-Awesome Limos for sending me this special ride..if you look behind me you'll get a rare peek at my son)

with Kyle Chandler

With Eddie Canales, Founder/Owner of GRID IROIN HEROES & 2011 CNN Hero of the Year Nominee
With Connie Britton
with Jesse Plemmons (my son recognized him as the Bully from the
 "Like Mike" movie:(

 About to be whisked away by A-Awesome Limosines!.
The second part was a sad exciting. Being the last season of "Friday Night Lights" brought out pretty much the WHOLE cast as well some local familiar faces like my friend, Y100 morning show co-host, Jesse James (below) who told me he was HUGE fan of this show and, was fortunate to become friends with fact, some spotted them playing a round of golf the morning after this event at the JW Marriott Resort! To the right, on the Red Carpet with Tanya Sammis, President of Sammis & Ochoa PR, the firm that put together this event.

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