Thursday, February 16, 2012

Helping GRID Iron Heroes playing "Friday Night Lights" softball?

 A few months ago, Eddie Canales was so kind to include me in the lineup alongside "Friday Night Lights" actors' softball team vs. Local tv personalities to help raise funds for their foundation "Grid Iron Heroes."  I had a BLAST playing with these HILARIOUS big tv stars, who couldn't be more down to earth, btw.
Here are some fun videos of my team-aided home-run!  Here's my Victory dance, which I did to humour my kids who I was so happy to have there with me.  They'd argue and say I did the dance to embarass them.  We were in Cibolo at Pickrell Park for 2 nights of very competitive softball,  we lost to the hometown tv personalities, go Kens go!
Team "Hollywood" (blue) vs. Team "San Antonio"

with Jesse James (Y100)
Ernest James and Drew Waters

with former NFL Chicago Bears player Jeff Gandy

                                                                                                             Chris' father, Eddie, nominated "Top 10 CNN Hero" , left, THE Grid Iron Heroe, Chris Canales, above right.

my softball teammates and "Friday Night Lights" boys: Shane Black, Scott Jefferies, Drew Waters and Ernest James

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