Monday, April 2, 2012

My Beauty Pageant Coaching pays off!!

I'm so Blessed to do so many wonderful things to earn a living. One of those things is being the Stage Presence/Runway Modeling Coach for the Miss California USA Pageant. I'm forever grateful to the Miss Texas Pageant for when they asked me to be a Judge is when I had the fateful meeting with Keith Lewis, who first became my friend and then, as the Co-Director of the Miss California USA Pageant, asked me to come on board as his Official Stage Presence/Runway Modeling Coach. I've been on that "runway"  for the past 8 years! Enjoying every step I've taken alongside the gorgeous and talented girls I've been so priviledged to have met and Coached.
I'm so happy and proud to feature a couple of them as they are an example of one of my motto: PERSISTANCE beats RESISTANCE.  Even and sometimes, especially, when others may not believe in you, what's MOST important is that YOU don't stop believing in yourself. (I just sounded like a Journey song  Seriously, though, faith is so VERY powerful.  I remember Coaching both of these girls, Mamta and Nana, both in big group sessions and Mamta hired me to Coach her privately.  Neither won the Miss California title, but they went on to become the winners I ALWAYS told them they were. I tell all my girls that it's up to them to make this experience a POSITVE one. If you don't win this crown, there's another one out there for taking.  Point in case, no one remembers the name of the 1986 Miss USA winner, but EVERYONE knows who Halle Berry is.  Eva Longoria didn't win the 1998 Miss Texas Pageant...That's what I'm talkin' bout!    Take a look at a couple of my girls, says the Proud Coach Ms, Rita:)
Nana Meriwether may not have won the Miss California USA crown, but she didn't give up. She found another way to make her dream come true..and THAT'S what it's ALL about..finding a way.  God helps those who help themselves folks!  So, she moved to another state and went on to become the Queen of that one!

Above, (for those who know my work as TV Host/Spokesperson, you'll be surprised to hear me behind the camera...see, I don't always need to be seen! LOL) teaching Mamta de Evening Gown walk a couple of years ago.  Mamta followed my "Persistance Beats Resistance" motto and, a couple of years later, walked her way into becoming the "Bebe it-Girl" winner!
Last nite, I received the following text from her that brought tears to my eyes: "Ms. Rita, I hope you remember me. I wanted to share this with you, and thank you so very much. I'd like you to know how much you influenced and inspired me..I cannot thank you enough! I hope you are doing very, very well."  Thank you to girls like Mamta who have not just outer beauty, but the inner beauty to remember me and Honor me with their success.  It makes me so happy to see that my "Ms. Rita" techniques are, indeed, effective and will make you a winner wherever you go!
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