Thursday, August 16, 2012

Magazine features!

I'm VERY grateful to be featured recently in two magazines! I'm particularly Honored to be the 1st two time cover for Latin Connection Magazine:  Click below, please, to see the 1st cover:  highlighting my participation on the CBS Reality show, SURVIVOR Fiji.  This second one, Mr. Wayne Zamora, Owner of Latin Connection, applauds my work (alongside my TV Hosting) as Beauty Pageant Coach.  To see more of my work as Beauty Pageant Coach, please, click here:
HUGE Thank you to my Guardian Angel here on earth, Mr. Eugene Williams, for suggesting me as 2X cover article to Mr. Wayne Zamora.  Thank you, Mr. Zamora, for allowing me to be a part of your prestigious publication once again!
Currently, SAN ANTONIO MAGAZINE, did a feature "Lifestyles of the Reality Famous!" and I was soo lucky that I was picked as one of the people they highlighted. THANK YOU so much to Rebecca Fontenot, Editor in Chief and Linden Wilson for the wonderful article.(above) Last October, the former editor, Rachel Benavidez was kind enough to do a feature article to help me promote the "Strike a Pose" for Breast Cancer Calendar where I'm featured as a Hollywood 40's Pin Up girl alongside other San Antonio TV & Radio personalities. Click here for more on the "Strike a Pose" for Breast Cancer Pin UP Calendar:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Girls Scouts of Southwest Texas, 2012

 I'm grateful to have been invited as a Special Guest to help induct, for the 2nd time this year, the Gamma Sigma Girls & Pearls.  I was happy to run into LTC David Grant and,of course, my dear friend, the newly appointed CEO of the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas, Ms. Rose Gonzalez-Perez. 

with my dear friend & newly appointed CEO of the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas,Ms.Rose Gonzalez-Perez the day of her official Induction
With Girl Scout, Clarisa Medina, Recipient of the very 1st Bill Gates Millenium Scholarship. She's also President of the  "Run the World Camp" Please, click here for a Motivational Speech she recently asked me to give to some of the girls of her camp:

Anti-Bully Motivational Speech for WOW

My facebook account ( proven to be an invaluable work networking tool for opposed to a "social" networking one..I still believe in socializing in person, not "virtually," LOL.  A wonderful woman, Ms. Ellie Rios, head of WOW, became aware of my work as TV Host/Spokesperson as well as how I've used my experience on the CBS Reality Show, SURVIVOR, to help others. She 1st asked me to Emcee an Anti-Bully Rally in downtown San Antonio, unbeknownst to her that I, too, had been bullied when I was in Elementary School. Please, click here to read/hear about my and my son's run-ins w/bullies: (  Ms. Rios is RELENTLESS about this anti-abuse, on all levels, cause. As such, she held another event, a hike that she asked me to come by do and do a "Meet & Greet" with the girls:  and another presentation at "Dave & Busters" where she asked me to be a Motivational Speaker. If you'd like to help Ms. Ellie Rios and myself with this Anti Women & Children Abuse cause, please, click here: (