Saturday, August 11, 2012

Anti-Bully Motivational Speech for WOW

My facebook account ( proven to be an invaluable work networking tool for opposed to a "social" networking one..I still believe in socializing in person, not "virtually," LOL.  A wonderful woman, Ms. Ellie Rios, head of WOW, became aware of my work as TV Host/Spokesperson as well as how I've used my experience on the CBS Reality Show, SURVIVOR, to help others. She 1st asked me to Emcee an Anti-Bully Rally in downtown San Antonio, unbeknownst to her that I, too, had been bullied when I was in Elementary School. Please, click here to read/hear about my and my son's run-ins w/bullies: (  Ms. Rios is RELENTLESS about this anti-abuse, on all levels, cause. As such, she held another event, a hike that she asked me to come by do and do a "Meet & Greet" with the girls:  and another presentation at "Dave & Busters" where she asked me to be a Motivational Speaker. If you'd like to help Ms. Ellie Rios and myself with this Anti Women & Children Abuse cause, please, click here: (

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