Monday, October 29, 2012

Continuing to help Animal Friends all over the US!

For the 3rd year in a row, I was invited and able to attend the Reality Rescue event in Glendale, VA last year.  (Unfortunately, due to work commitments, I was unable to attend this year)  It's because of those work commitments, NO COMPLAINTS, btw-as I always give so many thanks to God for the fact that I'm doing/pursuing what I love to do to make a living for myself and my kiddoes!  Better late than never, as son, too wise for his 15 yrs. of age tells me, I'm, finally, posting images from this fun and, thankfully, succesful event that reunites close to 100 Reality Show contestants.  April Mueller is the organizer of this wonderful event.  Here we are giving interviews for the fun internet show "Reality Nation,"  where I made new fabulous friends, fellow Host and Reality Show family (BIG BROTHER's Kevin Campbell), beautiful, Chelsia Hart whom, in my characteristic silly mode, I sang a love song to!  Click on the video to hear and see me doing a very silly dance!:
Here I am w/April: .
We got to mingle in the evening w/fellow contestants from ALL seasons of SURVIVOR and stars the likes of: Ozzy Lusth (3x SURVIVOR player:  Cooks Islands, Fans vs. Favorites, South Pacific)  and a special treat for me to run into my SURVIVOR FIJI "brothers" (below right) Earl and Dreamz. The following morning, we got to meet some of the doggies we were helping to rescue, here they are in the below videos: Besides getting to reunite with fellow SURVIVOR castmates/friends, meeting the doggies we're helping to rescue, for me a very special part/highlight, is meeting the wonderful, faithful, supportive, kind fans. Here I am w/one of my youngest fans and with one of my favorite sweet fans and  during the "Meet & Greet" Session:The last day, those of us who still had energy in us, played in a Soccer game w/some of our fans, who donated money to get the chance to play in the soccer game with us! I'm tellin' you, our fans are absolutely wonderful. I can't thank them enough. They have been a huge Blessing in my life.
Apparently, I'm like the Energizer Bunny...I just keep goin' and goin'...until I get voted off..LOL/:(  If you know me personally, you know that I'm ALL about having fun, being silly. My daughter, in fact, recently told me "mommie, the thing about you is you don't just act like you're 5, you REALLY think you're 5 yrs. old" ...yes siree Bob! Life is too short, I wanna laugh through it and, if I'm lucky, put smiles on as many people's faces as I can along the way. Hopefully, this will put a smile on yours:)  with my soccer team. Btw- we're NOT messin' around. Unfortunately, one of our kindest fans, Curt Clarke (4th from left) suffered a TERRIBLE injury when he slid to steal the ball from the other team.  I told you we're not messin' around. Here I am givin' it my mightiest "Grand Bat ma" Ballet He ended up in!! w/a broken ankle bone:((  & I'm done folks...lemme grab my purse and call it a day! Click here to see more "Animal Friends" events: and for more coverage from Reality

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