Thursday, October 11, 2012

SA Disabled Athletes Christmas Party at Morgan's Wonderland, 2011

 I've been very Blessed that God seems to bring to me, put in my path, opportunities to be involved, at any level, w/helping those w/special needs, as is the case that I've been a part of  Eva Longoria's events to raise funds for her organization, Eva's Heroes. Click here for images from past Eva's Heroes events:  One of my dear girlfriends, Manola, is VERY involved with the San Antonio Disabled Athletes Organization. She knows of my desire to help people with special needs so she invited me to the San Antonio Disabled Athletes Organization Christmas party last year.  I was soo happy to be a part of this. My mother tells me that , ever since I was a little girl, I've always had a connection with people with special needs.
You don't have to twist my arm to get me to dance! I had so much fun dancing w/Melissa Cheatwood and other wonderful children..I'm a pretty good dancer-bein' Latina and all..LOL, but I gotta admit, they taught me a move or 2! If you don't belive me, check out the pics below!
Throw yer hands up in the air everybody!-hey, at least I'm not clapping-my kids told me that clapping while you're dancing means your OLD!!! You're welcome for the tip:) lol

I don't think this one needs a caption, but  I'm gonna put one anyways, this is what you call "gettin' DOWN!"

Here I am with a beautiful little girl who I was THRILLED to have her mother tell me she was a fan of my  World Car Hyundai commercials!  I also met this extremely talented artist. He brought his art book to share with everyone that evening. Here I am trying to show off one of this creations:) Hope my daughter doesn't get jealous, she's also quite the artist! A Christmas party wouldn't be complete w/o Santa Claus!  Here we are asking for what we want for Christmas..(ps-this is a great Santa because I got what I wanted-to be w/my kids and see them getting everything they asked Santa for:)   If you take a CLOSE look, you may recognize him..hint, hint, he's known in San Antonio as one of the most prominent home builders and he's the force behind "Morgan's Wonderland."   Alrighty, if you just can't guess, here's your last hint!
W/Gordon Hartman and San Antonio Disabled Athletes Ambassador, Melissa Cheatwood
This Wonderful Christmas party was held at the Morgan's Wonderland Auditorium. For more information please click

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