Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Celebrity" Spokesperson and Emcee for DRESS FOR SUCCESS Charity at 1st Annual Powerwalk

Recently, while at lunch with my mother, I made friends with our waitress. My kids and fiancé will tell you this is nothing new. I can't help it...I'm a people person:) Something about her stood out to me. She had a light about her, a constant smile on her face. As we were getting ready to leave, I complimented her. A few sentences later, she said I looked familiar. She was very sweet when she suddenly placed me from some of the work I've done on television in San Antonio. We quickly realized we were both single working mommies. She shared with me her early days of struggling and how an organization in San Diego helped her get on her feet. She then shared with me that she was very eager to get involved in the community.
 I immediately remembered my involvement a couple of years ago with an organization called DRESS FOR SUCCESS that helps women in need. With so much going on, I could have sworn I had already written a post about this, but when I searched for it on here, I found it had fallen through the cracks. So, here it is. As my son always tells me "Mother, it's better late than never!"  OF course, that's his response to when I realize he's yet to do something I've asked of him..LOL.

A couple of years ago, they asked me to be their Local "Celebrity" Spokesperson for their 1st Annual POWERWALK.

 The event brought out lots of people for a walk/run around the Wonderland of the America's Mall. These folks brought it because when I came down from my unplanned Salsa Dance with the band that was the entertainment for the event, my friend Ray Colao's band: 

With "Dress for Success" Director, Pamela Taylor and the Mayor of Balcones Heights-where the event was taking place, Suzanne De Leon

A few months before the event, the "Dress for Success" Organization held a Gala to Honor & Highlight some of their Success stories.  Here I am with a fellow television colleague, Ursula Pari, Anchor of the Ksat Evening News..the # 1 Evening News Telecast in San Antonio!
I'm wearing  a NIKOLAKI gown designed by my brother, Nick Verreos. Project Runway, Season 2 Top 5 and current Mentor on Lifetime TV's UNDER THE GUNN.

My participation on SURVIVOR Fiji was a Blessing. I'm so grateful that I realized what a Blessing it was so very early on (maybe not while I was out here on that island starving! LOL) All this I write to tanks SURVIVOR for giving me one of the MOST priceless gifts that I have ever been given (more valuable than the million dollars I could have won on there). A way/a tool to help others. I'm so happy that this young lady is now going to reach out to the DRESS FOR SUCCESS organization to do what she can to help them. If any of you who read this are also interested in this cause, please, don't hesitate to reach out to them.

THANK you, once again, to Charles Villafranca and Pamela Taylor for having made me their local "celebrity" Spokesperson for the event held a couple of years ago-advertised on this flyer.(#ritaverreos,#dressforsuccess,#spokesperson,#philanthropist,#ksat,#ursulapari,#nikolaki,#nickverreos,#redcarpetgowns)

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