Monday, August 17, 2015

"National Celebrity Spokesperson:" INSPIRE A CHILD Organization video to promote raising funds for Charity

 Several years ago, I had the #outoftheordinary experience of becoming a #castaway on the @CBS #RealityShow #SurvivorFiji. I often tell people who ask me "how was it?" that I sound Bi-Polar when describing my experience on there because it was as horrible as it was exhilarating. Most of all, it has been rewarding. I call it "the gift that keeps on giving" to myself & my family through wonderful opportunities for my career on television & acting ( a career I had started many years before being on Survivor (being a Miss Venezuela contestant in 1989 opened that door, which I put on hold for 10 yrs. thru my married life in Mexico City, but that's a WHOLE other story..LOL)   The experience on Survivor Fiji gave me many things, among them, I found that I could use the very powerful public image that comes w/being on an internationally renowned show like Survivor, to do positive things.  Thus, in 2007 was awakened a natural essence, energy, drive to help others.  I turned the public's desire to meet me into donating my services as #Emcee for many charities, locally & nationally: or I would offer to do #redcarpet coverage or #interviews on the webshow that I #produce and #host!lctv/c1w7z.  Recently, I was given the Blessing of being named "National Celebrity Spokesperson" for a wonderful organization that helps keep #innercitychildren off the streets and in #afterschoolprograms.    I Produced the following brief video to help them continue to raise funds so that they can implement/provide after school programs.  I know these programs work. The Founder of this organization is a Product of one such program that saved his life. In my native #Venezuela, a similar program ended up creating a world renowned orchestra from children living in the #favelas..the conductor of that children's orchestra is now the @LASymphony conductor, @GustavoDudamel.  Thank you for taking the time to have a look!  #ritaverreos

Monday, August 10, 2015

Rita Verreos, Bi-Lingual VO's


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Meagan Tandy, the epitome of my "High Self Esteem" Beauty Pageant Coaching philosophy!

Meagan and I
I'm so freakin' proud of one of my 1st "students," of my #BeautyPageantCoaching classes, Ms. Meagan Tandy.  I remember her not just taking my @MissCaliforniaUSA Beauty Pageant Coaching classes in 2005 & 2006 when she went on to win the Miss California USA title. She then went on to place in the Top 5 at the Miss USA pageant.  I remember teaching her my famous @MissVenezuelaOrganization walk. Let's just say she took it and went running...straight to SUCCESS..atta girl!

and telling ALL my girls what I call the #halleberry story.  "How many of you remember the name of the girl who beat Halle in the Miss USA 1986?"  NO ONE  and yes, I did just write that someone actually BEAT Halle!! but you wouldn't know it from what Ms. Halle did since becoming 1st Runner Up, okaay??  THAT's what I'm twalkin' bout.. a WINNERS attitude.  I teach all my girls the following, Halle felt like a winner no matter what place she was "officially" given.  The mere fact of being 1 of the Miss USA contestants ALREADY made her a winner. None of this "2nd place" loser attitude that I can't stand hearing.  She went on w/a "watch out world" attitude and mindframe and the world is still watching her:)  
I recently moved to Miami, to continue pursuin my TV Host/Correspondent career-practicing another motto that I preach: PERSISTENCE BEATS RESISTANCE..but that's another story! Anyhoo, while packing, I found a letter Meagan had written me shortly after the Miss USA pageant where she placed in the Top 5.  She wrote "Ms. Rita, I'll never forget your words just minutes before the Miss USA pageant which reminded me that I was already a winner and you know what, Ms. Rita, I'm gonna do what you told me to do, take this experience, make others see the high value of just having been a Miss USA contestant and use it to keep going after my career goals and dreams...just like you've done w/your Miss Venezuela experience"  I'm BEYOND proud to share below a list of @MeaganTandy accomplishments since becoming Miss California:

Meagan  has filmed several national commercials: Wendy's, Boost Mobile, a movie promotional from the film Shrek The Third, appeared on the hit show Whose Got Jokes alongside Bill Bellamy and filmed a national Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi Max.  In 2010, she played  one of Denzel Washington's daughters in the international feature film hit movie, Unstoppable. She also played Mia on Comedy Central alongside Bobby Lee. On the ABC Familyshow Jane By Design, she played Lulu Pope. In June 2013 she made her debut onto the MTV series "Teen Wolf" where she currently plays the role of Braeden. In 2014, she appeared as Nurse Jackson's niece, Sabrina, on TV show Red Band Society. Currently she's on the +Lifetime  Hit show @unreallifetime

To all of you out there pursuing a dream/goal...Have Faith in God's plan for you and remember my motto-PERSISTANCE BEATS RESISTANCE!  Look at Meagan go..."Unstoppable"  indeed!