Monday, August 17, 2015

"National Celebrity Spokesperson:" INSPIRE A CHILD Organization video to promote raising funds for Charity

 Several years ago, I had the #outoftheordinary experience of becoming a #castaway on the @CBS #RealityShow #SurvivorFiji. I often tell people who ask me "how was it?" that I sound Bi-Polar when describing my experience on there because it was as horrible as it was exhilarating. Most of all, it has been rewarding. I call it "the gift that keeps on giving" to myself & my family through wonderful opportunities for my career on television & acting ( a career I had started many years before being on Survivor (being a Miss Venezuela contestant in 1989 opened that door, which I put on hold for 10 yrs. thru my married life in Mexico City, but that's a WHOLE other story..LOL)   The experience on Survivor Fiji gave me many things, among them, I found that I could use the very powerful public image that comes w/being on an internationally renowned show like Survivor, to do positive things.  Thus, in 2007 was awakened a natural essence, energy, drive to help others.  I turned the public's desire to meet me into donating my services as #Emcee for many charities, locally & nationally: or I would offer to do #redcarpet coverage or #interviews on the webshow that I #produce and #host!lctv/c1w7z.  Recently, I was given the Blessing of being named "National Celebrity Spokesperson" for a wonderful organization that helps keep #innercitychildren off the streets and in #afterschoolprograms.    I Produced the following brief video to help them continue to raise funds so that they can implement/provide after school programs.  I know these programs work. The Founder of this organization is a Product of one such program that saved his life. In my native #Venezuela, a similar program ended up creating a world renowned orchestra from children living in the #favelas..the conductor of that children's orchestra is now the @LASymphony conductor, @GustavoDudamel.  Thank you for taking the time to have a look!  #ritaverreos

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