Thursday, August 21, 2008

My introduction to the charitable side of being a SURVIVOR

Many WONDERFUL things have happened in my life thanks to my participation on SURVIVOR FIJI 07. The first WONDERFUL thing, happened right after getting voted off. I'm sure you can ALL guess what that is: I got to EAT food, no more nasty black sea snails and sea cucumbers and unbearable salty sea weed for me..yipee!! Another wonderful thing that happened is that Mark Burnett, generously treated us non-jury members to another unforgettable trip..this time, NOT to a deserted island, but to the amazing city of Sydney! (I will add images from this trip soon, I promise). Right now, I want to let everyone know about one of the MOST wonderful things that happened when the show aired and I returned from my Press Interviews in NY after getting voted off :-( . I received a phone call from an AMAZING fan of the show, Tammy Schuster, in Michigan. She asked if I could come to Michigan to help her raise funds for a placed called The House of Hope where children who had been severely abused emotionally and physically were placed to rehabilitate and, give them the hope and tools they need to re-enter the stream of life once again. This invite was the beginning of what has now become a part of my life, helping charities all over the United States. All thanks to my participation on SURVIVOR FIJI. I am so thankful to all who have invited me to help and I will be naming you ALL as I catch up here. Thanks to my faith in God I have seen first hand how helping others, my own situation of providing for my children on my own, has become so much easier than when I was, paradoxically, selfishly focusing only on helping myself and my children.

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