Thursday, August 21, 2008

Go Army!

With Lt. Col. Rene Brown (Head of the # 1 Recruiting Battalion in The United States) and his wife, Carol, at the Induction of Honorores to The Sports Hall of Fame,at The Alamodome, SA, TX 07

This was an event that I did to help with a Blood Drive for our soldiers at Cowboys Dance Hall.

At the Army's Booth at the SA Rodeo, Feb. 08, helping them to inform possible recruits about the Army Advantage Fund

This was what turned out to be the first of MANY events that I was fortunate to be asked to do to help our soldiers. No matter what your viewpoint is about the war, you have to be thankful for these true heroes of our nation. My father is a World War 2 Veteran so this is also my way of thanking him, along w/all our soldiers, for their service to our nation. You can also find a snippet of a tandem parachute jump that I did with the world reknowned Golden Knights Team in January of this year on This I did to help them promote the Army Bowl. My little boy is a HUGE football fan and I was so happy to give him the chance to be a ball boy at the Army Bowl and thus meet the BEST highschool football players in the nation...You can see my 2 kids running up to me at the end of the video.:-) My little girl is a tough cookie, like her mommie! She was really upset that she wasn't allowed to do the tandem jump with me. Alain, well, he likes to cheer mommie on from the sidelines and that's just fine with me too! On another occasion, you'll see the image below, I went to the Army's Recruiting Booth at the famous San Antonio Rodeo in February to help them with their recruiting efforts to inform potential soldiers of an incentive called The Army Advantage Fund. I also wrote an article for the largest Spanish newspaper, La Prensa, helping them to promote this incentive. I will create a section called "articles"...someday, I promise!! where you will find this article.

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