Friday, August 22, 2008

My work as Official Coach for Miss California USA 06-present

With Tamiko Nash, Miss CA 06 and Jessica, Miss Teen CA 06

With Tamiko Nash, Miss CA 06

With Megan Tandy, Miss CA 07

With the Directors of Miss CA USA, Keylee Sanders and Keith Lewis

This video was made by a wonderful Producer, Angela Shin, from Videojug as she chronicles, very quickly! my work as Coach for Miss CA USA last year...another controversial year for us!

How To Walk Like A Beauty Queen I became a Beauty Queen Coach is kinda a long story so...go grab a glass of wine and have a seat! So...I'm gonna have to take you back to 1988...yes, I can't believe I just wrote that...some of you reading this were probably born on that year! was that year that I became Miss Municipio Vargas..and entered the prestigious Miss Venezuela finishing school headed by the Master, Osmel Sousa. One side note- how I ended up there is, coincidentally, very similar to how I ended up on SURVIVOR...I was "spotted" at the Venezuelan consulate. This seems to be a running theme in my life, btw. In spite of my and my brother seeing me as an ugly duckling! I went forward w/running for Miss Venezuela because it was more a dream of my fabulous brother, Nick (of Project Runway fame). Now, fast forward to when I moved from Mexico City to SA. My then husband had been laid off and his plans of starting his own Ad Agency in SA, fell through. I saw it as an opportunity to re-start my career...well, I kinda had to!! My brother suggested that I contact the Miss USA organization. I did so and almost immediately, I received an email from the wonderful Gail and Al Clark, Directors of the Miss Texas USA pageant, inviting me to be a judge that year. Crystle Stewart ran that year & was my choice, but didn't win. I remember her coming up to me after the pageant to ask me for suggestions that could help her to win. I remember her giving her advice about how she had worn her hair..and urged her to get a public speaking Coach. She did so..She's the current Miss Texas USA.:-) There, I also met, Keith Lewis (pictured above) owner of The Morgan Talent Agecy in LA. Several months later, he became the Director of the Miss California USA pageant and when he did...he hired me to Coach his girls. My first one: Ms. Tamiko Nash. To the surprise to many at that pageant, it seems controversy wants to follow our Miss CA Tamiko was first runner up to Tara Conner..yes, the one who ended up in rehab, yet still kept her crown. Yes, I was very upset about this, cuz Tamiko came so close, TWICE, to becoming Miss USA..and I just don't agree with allowing someone who's brooken the rules to retain her title..what are the rules for then? Tamiko is a winner, regardless. In fact, you can catch her as one of the Price Is Right models!

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