Thursday, August 21, 2008

Spokesperson for TAHITIAN NONI

This is something that came about in my efforts to look for sponsors for the Miss California Organization. It's a long story so sit tight. Believe it or not, I like to write more than I like to talk...that's a LOT, honey. It's not by accident that I am a literature major (from UCLA..gotta give a shout out to my alma matter). Alright, back to Tahitian Noni. Right before getting "discovered" to go on SURVIVOR FIJI, a wonderful Sales Rep. for Tahitian Noni came to me when I was working as Advertising Executive for a Spanish Language tv station here in San Antonio. He left me with some samples and I started taking the juice. I've always been really anal about taking care of my body.:-) My divorce left me starting from ZERO..having to figure out what the heck to do to provide for my children on my own. The Ad Executive job was SOO not me, but I had to do something so there I was doing that, along w/a bunch of other "jobs." One I had come up with is within the beauty pageant world. Tapping into my experience and training as a contestant for the Miss Venezuela pagaent..back in 1988..huney, I know I am givin' away my age, big time! Anyhow, one of the by products from this was that I was asked to judge the Miss Texas pageant in 2004. There I met a man who's since become one of my dearest friends as well as the Director of the Miss California pageant. He hired me as the Official Coach of the Miss California pageant which I've been doing for the past 3 years. Looking for sponsors for the pageant, I also found that Tahitian Noni has AMAZING beauty products so I started communicating with one of the Directors of the company. I had to put all this on hold when I was suddenly recruited and had to leave to play the game of SURVIVOR. Upon my return, I received a call from the Director that I had been communicating with, asking me if I would be interested in becoming a Spokesperson for the company. Coincidentally, I found Noni on my deserted island in Fiji and thanks to the information I had already read about it, I knew of all it's medicinal value. When my hipbones were scraped to the bone, and I gashed below my knee pretty deeply in one of the physical challenges, I rubbed Noni on the wounds. They healed soo completely that now NO ONE believes that I suffered those wounds on the show!! :-( Although I was happy to wear those scars as my Survivor Fiji battle scars, I am truly amazed at how this Noni fruit, which you can find here in their juice, cured my wounds, which, by the way, when our Survivor Dr. saw my wound, said I needed stitches! Noni was all I needed.

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