Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Outstading Achievement in Entertainment Award

This was an unexpected honor that I was given last year by Mr. and Mrs. Duran, owners of the largest Spanish language newspaper in San Antonio, LA PRENSA. I was given an award in the field of Entertainment for my participation on CBS's Reality Show, SURVIVOR FIJI. It was a wonderful night for me as I was with my family: my parents, Jim & Raquel and my two incredible "pitufos" as I call my two children. I also had new "Survivor" fans there supporting me, Ken and Teresa Kiel. Mr. Kiel was a big sponsor for an event (www.grassrootssoccer.com) I had participated in the weekend before w/several SURVIVOR colleagues from past seasons. My family and friends could not have been there, however, had it not been for the generous support from Mr. Bart Keyes and Col. Rene Brown from the US Army and also, a dear friend, Mr. Al Luciano, who attended the event with his beautiful daughter and sponsored me with tables so that my friends and family could attend. THANK YOU so very much to all of you for being there for me and for your faith in me.

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