Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rita goes to South Africa!!! ....(kinda :-)

My Season of SURVIVOR is currently airing in South Africa. Here's an article that just got published in their version of TV Guide. Before being "spotted" or recruited for the show, I had NO clue about SURVIVOR...hope that makes many forgive me for not making it farther in this gruelling game. Nevertheless, with the cards my tribe, Ravu, were dealt, I am really shocked and proud of how long I lasted. Now, I am way too clued I'm ready for ALL STARS!! ha, ha...or at least ready to take any Quiz on SURVIVOR cuz I got all, but one of the answers in this article right. It's official, I've become an obsessed SURVIVOR fan
On a sidenote, I, along with 3 of my castway members, Mookie, Earl and Stacy have started an organization: Start With One Life, to help children in South Africa orphaned by AIDS. We are currently looking for sponsors so that we can make the journey to South Africa. If you can help, please post a message here! or look on our website: Muchas gracias!

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Holly Hardwick said...

Great job with the blog!
Just wanted to let you know the link your showing for us is incorrect-it should be-

Keep up the great work!