Thursday, October 2, 2008

Emceeing The City of Hope event, in Anaheim, California

Thankfully, my new found "angels" from Ovations for the Cure were happy with my work as Emcee and, in fact, I managed to impress a pretty impressive lady herself, Ms. Cheryl Kennick, who is one of the Directors of the Food Industries that provide Food services to The City of Hope. She asked me if I would like to Emcee an event for them several months later, again in Anaheim. Hello!! Of course I accepted...I had NO idea it was going to be sooo HUGE!! I was freaking out when I arrived to find a big poster of me and tables for over a thousand people..Lordy!! Thankfully, I stepped up to the plate...and, at the end of the show...the part with the Male Models...I even got to join on the runway them struttin' my signature Miss Venezuela walk!!
The show was a huge success for the City of Hope, thanks to the hard work of EVERYONE at The City of Hope, in particular, my new friend/angel, Ms.Cheryl Kennick.

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