Thursday, October 16, 2008

SURVIVOR LIVE! interview at CBS, NY

For all you SURVIVOR's an excerpt from an interview that I had so much fun doing shortly after getting "voted off"...booh!! Stephenie was sooo sweet and Dalton, who had already made me feel like the Survivor hottie with his write up about my performance on the Slip and Slide Challenge. I mention that it was my crowning moment, but NOT for the same reason Dalton had written that it was. For me is was because, part of the challenge was to make a basket and I did it!! Thanks to all the years of playing basketball with my little boy (and to practicing w/Mookie earlier on that day w/ For Dalton, who is one of the Top Writers for "Entertainment Weekly" magazine, it was the "Slip and Slide" part of the challege that he felt I excelled in. I'll try to find the article where he writes why, for those of you who didn't watch the show or read the article. Regardless, considering how grim things had gotten for my tribe, Ravu, and cosequently dull for the viewers to watch us, I'm glad I was able to revive viewership, according to Dalton...ha, ha. Check it out above right:

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