Saturday, November 1, 2008

STADIA Med Spa Spokesperson/model

Since last year, I've been the Spokesmodel for Stadia here in San Antonio. It's owned by the Facial Injury Dr. to our 3 time World Champions, the SA Spurs, and reknowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jaime Garza. The Director of the Spa, an expert in Beauty herserlf, as she is also the Director of the Texas Miss, Teen and Mrs. Interational pageant. One of Kristin's former title holders, Mrs. International 07, Suzie Bootz, recommened me as a possible judge. Kristin, thus, invited me to be one of her "celebrity" judges in her pageant, which I was, of course, honored to accept. If you've read some of my other postings, particularly the "Leeza Gibbons" and "City of Hope" ones, you'll read what I'm about to rewrite: God always places "angels" in my path. Dr. Garza and Kristin Koether are more of these angels. Unfortunately, it's been VERY hard for me to find an "agent" here in San Antonio. I'm very ambitious, particularly when my career has to provide solely for my children. I haven't found the vision that I expect of myself in the agents in San Antonio. Receiving the sort of "stamp of approval" from one of the most renknowed producers in the world today, Mark Burnett, was like when I graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA. Then, faring on such a hard experience as was SURVIVOR, certainly showed me that "I CAN" do whatever I set my mind to. I'm still on the path of achieving my dream of becoming a tv presenter/host or anchor taking a bit longer because I've had to be not just the "talent, but my own agent, manager and publicist. GOD is helping me build my accomplishments, through these and so many other opportunities HE's placed in my path. Slowly, but surely, I am getting to where I'd like to ultimately be: the first Latina host on "The View."
Since becoming the Stadia Spokesmodel, I've been using their laser hair removal, manicure and pedicure services which I am so happy with. After putting my body through what I did on me, it's taken a couple of years to pamper it back to "civilization" status! lol.

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A said...

It was great meeting you yesterday Rita, you are such a great sprit and have a wonderful spirt I hope to see you again and we keep intouch.

Andrew from apple